Supporting Vulnerable Learners

Supporting Vulnerable Learners

The National Education Trust has a long history of placing the needs of vulnerable learners at the heart of both its thinking and its activity. As such much of our time is spent working with schools to ensure that they are well placed to meet the need of all pupils.

A core element of this is our Pupil Premium  review process, details of which can be found below.

PP Reviews

Supporting schools to meet the needs of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds is one of the key aims of the National Education Trust and we have a long established record of impact in this area. Marc Rowland, NET’s Previous Director of Research and Policy has written one of the best selling books on making best us of the Pupil Premium funding and leads on this work.

Our team of reviewers can support you to evaluate the impact of the funding on pupil outcomes and offer you practical advice on ensuring that all pupils maximise their attainment potential. When NET talks of aspiring to achieve Excellence as Standard, it is often disadvantaged pupils who can benefit most from our input.

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