Advocacy Schools

Advocacy schools form a body of knowledge about teaching and learning that consistently produces excellence as standard. In being asked to become an Advocacy school the National Education Trust (NET) is recognising in your school the characteristics of effective teaching, learning and leadership that lead to exceptional outcomes for children and young people.

These can be summarised as:

  • The leadership of the school is committed to an aspirational culture, one of belief that children and young people can achieve more than they might have thought
  • The staff is committed to excellent teaching and an orderly, purposeful community
  • Governors, parents and the local community hold the school in high regard and are involved in productive discourse about the development of the school’s vision and performance
  • There is evidence of restlessness and a desire for perpetual improvement
  • The school is committed to professional scholarship
  • Certain aspects are extraordinary, setting an example of sector leading provision

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