Shaping lives...

Over the course of the coming months we will be uploading a selection of writing that appeared on the NET website over the course of the first ten years of the National Education Trust, in order to create an archive. We will also be making available presentations from previous events, particularly those reference in NET publications. Here are the first few.


Alison Mawle – Expert Or Onlooker

Angela Jackson & Tony Ashmore – Resilience Confidence And Self-belief

Anne Nelson – Educational Excellence is Here

Bernard Trafford – Do You Feel Lucky


Dr Tessa Stone – Closing the Gap Beyond the Classroom

Seamus Oates – Pupil Premium at TBAP

21st October 2016 – Learning in the Outdoors: Adventure, Risk and Challenge in the Early Years – Kathryn Solly Presentation

11th November 2016 – Vulnerable Learners | Supporting the Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs of children and young people – Presentation by Jon Reid, Senior Lecturer for SEN/Inclusion at Oxford Brookes University

11th November 2016 – Vulnerable Learners | Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants – Presentation by Rob Webster, MITA Lead at UCL Institute of Education

11th November 2016 – Vulnerable Learners | Supporting Vulnerable Learners – Presentation by Loic Menzies, Director of LKMco

11th November 2016 – Vulnerable Learners | Creating a Multi-Tiered Support System for Vulnerable Children – Presentation by Marva Rollins, Headteacher at Raynham Primary School

11th November 2016 – Vulnerable Learners | Maximising the Impact of the Pupil Premium – Presentation by Marc Rowland, Director of Policy and Research at National Education Trust